Dynamo Radio(Emergency Flash Light /Torch)

- AM/FM, TV1/TV2, Weather Band
- Torch head can be swiveled with wide
--angle convenient for adjusting to see
- Torch (LED flashlight in white color)
- Siren and flash with LED
- DC jack-out for charging mobile phone
- DC 3V jack-in, Foldable handle
- Shoulder strap for easy carrying
- Additional adapter upon request (suitable
--for CDMA, GSM, 3G)
- Mobile phone battery charger cable (not
- Energy saving circuit, winding 1 minute
--can use for 20 minutes lighting
- Power source: DC 3V (D size battery x
--2 pcs)
- Ni-Cd rechargeable battery (included)
- Product Dimension:
--170mm(H) x 195mm(W) x 60mm(D)

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